Dancehall has its roots in Jamaica, using afro shake and reggae techniques. It is associated with reggae music, but has slightly harder beats. The moves are fun, sexy and confident. It is more suited for women, but is increasingly being danced by men, who are giving it a slightly tougher look.

Karla KAJDA Najvertová is a young energetic dancer and teacher who knows how to motivate and encourage those who want to take up the style in the right and positive way. Not only has she received her skillz from leading Czech dancehall instructors like Klárka Marinovová, but she travels directly to Jamaica to educate herself.

"My classes are always about energy and vibe, that's what dancehall is all about - enjoying and dancing together. I try to vary the lessons so that we get to know and dance every aspect of dancehall, like smooth, gun moves, socials or even everyone's favourite female. Because even in everyday life, sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're low and sometimes you're oozing energy so much that you don't care what you're going to do, you just want to dance it out. In Sector, I'm just trying to have a little Jamaica for me and you." 🇯🇲