How are the lessons held?

The lessons are held in the form of open classes and do not follow upon each other (unless it is a course). You can join at any time during the semester.

Are there lessons for beginners?

In the current schedule, we recommend the Beginners Course with NATY. You can also try MTV Style lessons with ANGEÉ.

Do you have any courses?

Yes, a course for beginners and intermediate - house dance & hip hop.

The hip hop and house dance course will take you through the basic steps, foundation and information about the history and development of these two styles. You will start with the rhythm, steps and their terminology and gradually work your way up to the choreography of the moves linked to the style. This course is designed for beginners as well as more advanced dancers who have skipped the foundation stage on their dance journey and would like to add to this knowledge. The course is taught by a young talented tutor Natalie NATY Skotakova who is a full time hip hop and house dancer both freestyle and choreographer @skotakova. Her classes are full of energy, warm attitude and enthusiasm for her students. The class is more for adults due to the evening time, but otherwise is not age restricted.

Can you buy a season pass for the whole semester?

You cannot purchase a season pass for the entire semester, but you can purchase a 10 or 5 entry season pass to become a member of Dance Sector. The season pass is convenient and works out better financially than single entries. Just beware, it must be used within 2 or 3 months from the date of purchase.

What should I wear?

Whatever you're comfortable in. For footwear, we'll ask you to wear clean sneakers to the hall.

Do you accept Multisport cards or other loyalty cards?

We do not accept Multisport or other loyalty cards.

Do I need to book a lesson in advance?

We don't make reservations, just show up.

Are your lessons age restricted?

Absolutely not.

How can I contact you about other questions (rentals, etc.)?

Please send any questions to fanda@tanecnisector.cz. We also respond quickly on instagram @tanecni_sector in DM.

What times is the reception available?

The reception is always open half an hour before the start of the lesson.

Do you have yoga mats to rent?

Yes we do, but there are a limited amount, so first come first served... :)

Where can I find out what the current schedule is and if there is a substitute that day?

Every morning we update all the information about the current day on our social networks, especially on instagram. If you need to communicate with us as soon as possible, please DM us on instagram.

Do you have student discounts?

The 10% student discount applies to 10 season tickets upon presentation of a valid ISIC card.

I'd like to rent the hall, is that possible?

Yes it is, if we are free on that date. You can hire the hall for a private training session, workshop, video shoot or a commercial event, photo shoot or commercial shoot. Just email fanda@tanecnisector.cz. The price depends on the type of event or purpose of the rental. It all depends on the agreement. Minimum rental time is 60 minutes.

Do you make gift vouchers to be sent by post, or is it possible to pay via bank account?

We have vouchers available, but only for season tickets. We do not do them for single entries. Unfortunately, you can't pay remotely via bank account, but you can pay by card or cash when you come to reception. :)