STREET DANCE courses continue

From January we continue with STREET DANCE COURSES WITH NATY, both BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE. The course is open to anyone who wants to start dancing and learn everything from the very beginning and correctly. We do not have an age restriction, but the classes run in the evening hours, so they are more suitable for adults. No need to worry though - our Natálka is lovely, friendly and can teach anyone.

We start on the 2nd of January!

And what is the course about? With Naty you will go through the basic steps, foundation and information about the history of hip hop and house dance. From rhythm and steps, you will progress to more challenging variations and choreography. The second trimester (January-March) of this course includes 15 lessons of 75 minutes each, during which you will enjoy lots of fun, good music and dancing!

You can sign up by sending an email to