Christmas vouchers

This year, Christmas is approaching way too fast and instead of the studio we will soon dance around the oven and we will be wrapping presents. If you want to start earlier (at least with the presents), we have Christmas vouchers for all our season tickets - 5x 60 min, 5x 90 min, 10x 60 min and 10x 90 min.

They are available for purchase from today at the reception, during lesson times, i.e. Monday-Thursday.

The vouchers for 5 lessons must be redeemed by the end of April at the latest, as the season tickets you get for them are valid for 2 months and are not valid for summer lessons. The vouchers for 10 lessons must be redeemed earlier, i.e. by the end of March, because the validity of the season tickets for 10 lessons is 3 months.

So, who will get this present under the tree?