Sasha's Contemporary Fusion lessons are lively, varied and complex. His classes explore improvisational concepts, technique and choreography, often incorporating acrobatics and floorwork. He always tries to tailor the class to the level of all the dancers, but enjoys pushing their and his own boundaries.

Alexandr (Sasha) Veselý is a young dancer from Valašské Meziříčí. He is a member of the Dogga Clan dance crew and Alotrie. He does choreography, but mostly dance improvisation, contemporary dance, breaking and experimental. He is a part of the international project People Power Partnership and has done many dance performances and shows both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He can also be seen in music videos (Milion+, Thom Artway, Most Wanted,...) and film (Chevalier).

"I like to experiment, play around and find new ways, but at the same time I like to just relax, whether alone in a studio or with more people on stage. Outside of choreography, theatre and performance, I like to improvise the most. I love the hard work, the sweat, the physicality. I'm mainly into contemporary and experimental as I have break dance background, which has influenced me a lot. I like to use strength and acrobatics."